How to Install Custom ROMs for TMV (ZTE Crescent) 3

ClockworkMod Recovery Application installation.

You need to install ClockworkMod Recovery before you can install a custom ROM. With ClockworkMod Recovery, you can install, backup and restore a ROM. Before following the instructions on this page, make sure you have installed the USB drivers.

Instructions for Windows

1. Make sure USB debugging is enabled.

2. With your phone on, connect it to your computer (use the cable included with your phone).

3. Download (click to download) and extract anywhere.

4. Once extracted, open the folder.

5. Double click on install-recovery-windows.bat file.

6. Within a few seconds, your phone will reboot, and a green Android logo will appear. The whole process may take up to 10 minutes. During < waiting for device >, Windows may attempt to download and install a driver. This may take a few additional minutes.

7. Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on Windows

8. ClockworkMod Recovery successfully installed on the Orange San Francisco II / ZTE Crescent. You may close the window.

9. Once completed, your phone will reboot and turn on to its normal state. On your computer, you should see Press any key to continue . . . You may close the window safely.

10. ClockworkMod Recovery should now be installed on your phone, and you can continue to the next page to install a custom ROM.

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