How to Install Custom ROMs from scratch – OSFII (ZTE Crescent) 11

This guide was written with the beginners in mind ( so everyone can perform this steps to upgrade their phone to the latest android version 2.3.5 with ICS ( Android 4.x ) window animations ). It will take you through all the steps required to debrand & install a custom ROM on your Orange San Francisco II, resulting in a faster, more lightweight phone. It’s very simple & straight forward.

Below are the Features in this updated ROM:

Notification power widget.
Circle battery mod.
Roboto font.
Custom Sense style status bar icons.
Transparency in notification area.
Overscroll glow.
ICS window animations.
OC kernel.
VPN/SAMBA share modules added.
Stagefright enabled.
GPU rendered UI.
TCP buffer sizes optimized.
GPS configuration modded for better lock times and accuracy.
All useless stuff removed.
huge APN list (from CM).
new Adreno libs to increase 3D performance.
CM7 messaging app.
CM7 3D gallery.
DSP manager.
Google search replaced with Google black.

IMPORTANT Notes Before you perform Upgrade :

1. Before you begin, make sure you have backed up all files and contacts you need, as they will be lost during this process. Your SD card will not be touched, so any files (photos, music etc) will NOT be lost. Read How to perform a Backup for OSF II Phone.

2. Make sure your battery is fully charged throughout the guide.

3. If you follow this guide carefully, you should not run into any problems. However, there is always a very small chance that you may brick / destroy your phone. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused throughout this guide.

This Guide involves very simple steps as below

1. Backup the phone data and contacts (optional, but recommended to take the backup )
2. Installing a required drivers to detect the Phone on your computer.
3. Recovery Application installation. This application will help you to put the phone in to recovery mode.
4. Download the required ROM and install it on your phone.

we will continue the detailed steps in upcoming pages.

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