How to Install Custom ROMs from scratch – OSFII (ZTE Crescent) 11

Step 1 : Backup your phone details (optional, but recommended to take backup ).

Step 2 : Installing required drivers to detect the Phone on your computer.

Note : If you are using Mac or Linux, you do not need to install any drivers and you can skip this step
Note : You might have the driver installed, If you have already unlocked your phone through my post. Then you can ignore this step.

In order to install a custom ROM, you need to install the USB drivers in order for your phone to communicate correctly with your Orange San Francisco II / ZTE Crescent Phone.

1. Enable USB debugging.

2. On your computer, download USB-Driver-For-ZTE-Cresent (click to download)

3. Once downloaded, Extract the rar file and run the exe file to install it.

4. With your phone on, connect it to your computer (use the cable included with your phone).

5. A balloon might pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, informing you a device is installing. You may receive an error that the installation was unsuccessful – do not worry, this is normal and you may continue.

6. On your computer, press the Start button and type (or copy and paste) SystemPropertiesHardware.exe into the box, and then press enter (or click SystemPropertiesHardware.exe near the top). Image as below

7-a. Click Device Installation Settings for Windows 7 OS.
7-b. Click Windows Update Driver Settings. for Windows Vista. Image as below

8-a. Select Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer for Windows 7 OS.
8-b. Select Check for drivers automatically (recommended) for Windows Vista. Image as below

9-a. Click Save Changes for windows 7.
9-b. Click OK for Windows Vista.

10. You have now installed the drivers. Now you can proceed further steps.

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