T-Mobile Vivacity SIM Unlock Steps 37

 I have successfully unlocked my T-Mobile ViVacity and now I am using it with my other SIM. I would like to thanks the android forums that helped me to unlock my phone. I had referred multiple forums, multiple files to download to achieve this. I never seen the procedure or steps in a single post. It takes more time to understand and had to refer multiple forums and suggestions to unlock the phone.

 I have consolidate all the steps which I followed (working method) in a single post, which will help others to save more time ( Like I shared for OSFII Unlocking). These steps will guide you to unlock the phone & does not require any experience. Anyone can unlock ViVacity without any worry by following the below steps. ViVacity is my 2nd android phone after my OSF-II and I had successfully unlocked without any knowledge about android.

There is a possibility of losing warranty when UNLOCKING, You are doing at your own RISK


1. Write down your IMEI & the WiFi MAC address for future reference, in case required in the future. Click Here to see how to get this info and nothing worry about this step as this is to check whether we have got the same MAC address or not after unlocking. IMEI is the hard-coded one which will not change.

2. Download VIVACITY_Unlocking.tar file. This file has all the required unlock tools and the password is www.getandroidfree.com .

                          Note : Download & Perform the Steps 21 & 22 for ROM Installation along with this Step 2.

3. Extract the VIVACITY_Unlocking.tar file. How to Extract

4. Go to “01 USB Drive” directory and install the USB drive (Handset_USB_Driver.exe)

5. Go to “02 QPST2.7_366” directory and install the QPST application (Setup.exe)

6. Power on the phone and enable USB Debugging. Click Here to see how to enable This on your phone.

7. Connect your phone to the computer and wait for 10 sec to computer to identify.

8. Go to “03 Preparation” directory and run the “install-recovery-windows.bat” file. This will take approximately five to 10 min to complete. This should flash stock recovery and reboot the phone. Once the Preparation over, switch off the phone and remove the battery and disconnect the USB Cable.

9. Put the battery back, then press “Power button and volume down key “together and hold until you see “FTM” on your screen.

10. Now, launch “QPST Configuration “ application ( start Menu -> QPST -> QPST Configuration)

11. Select “Start Client” from the menu bar and open “Software Download “

12. Select “Backup” on the utility and choose where to save the “QCN” file

13. Click Start on the utility to take the configuration backup.

14. After the backup, Make sure that the file exists and is non-zero in file size before proceeding – if not try to take the backup again by following the steps from 10.

15. Any issue while backup, Please refer the Steps with Screen Shot samples on how to use the QPST utility to take the configuration backup.

16. Go to “04 Unlock OSFII” folder and run “download.exe” file to launch unlock process

17. If you are sure you want to unlock press “START”! – This step will take 10 min to complete

18. Repeat the steps 10 & 11 to start the “Software Download “ to restore your configuration.

19. Select “Restore” on the utility , then find the “QCN” file you saved and restore it. (enable “Allow phone /file ESN Mismatch “ if required, I enabled for my phone to restore my configuration).

20. Remove your USB cable & Remove your battery and put the battery back in any SIM of your choice. NOW YOUR PHONE is UNLOCKED

Note : After a reboot, if you phone goes to CWM Recovery Mode, then precede the steps from 21 for

ROM Installation.

Optional Steps : I have applied for my phone and it working good. I would suggestyou to proceed this optional steps to keep your phone with fully working ROM.

21. Download any one Stock ROM from below which you Like. All are working fine and tested. I have tested both the official ROM on my phone and both are working fine.

P736EV1.0.0B13 (07-Dec-2011)  Link is Updated on 21-Mar-2012 with latest official ROM

r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip Custom ROM

22. The file which you download, rename the file to “update.zip” file and it has been placed on the root of your SD card (i.e. not in any sub-folder).

23. Go to “05 Post-Unlock” directory and run the “install-recovery-windows.bat” file. This will install ClockworkMod recovery tool and set the phone to boot in recovery mode.

24. Select “apply sdcard:update.zip” and then press ok button and the next menu list, you can see the file which you copied, select that file and proceed to install. Thatz it the new ROM will install and boot with new ROM.

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