[Updated] Unlock Your Orange San Francisco II for free 24

As you probably know, Orange have locked the phone to Orange SIM cards only. Luckily, it is possible to unlock your Orange San Francisco II. All you need is a little bit of patience and some free time on your hands. Our guide is designed with the absolute beginner in mind – our steps are very detailed and very easy to follow, for any age.

IMPORTANT Notes Before you perform Upgrade :

1. Before you begin, make sure you have backed up all files and contacts you need, as they will be lost during this process. Your SD card will not be touched, so any files (photos, music etc) will NOT be lost. Read How to perform a Backup for OSF II Phone.

2. Make sure your battery is fully charged throughout the guide.

3. If you follow this guide carefully, you should not run into any problems. However, there is always a very small chance that you may brick / destroy your phone. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused throughout this guide.

Free UnLock Steps for OSFII Mobile

There is a possibility of losing warranty when UNLOCKING, You are doing at your own RISK

Step 1 : ( optional ) Write down your IMEI & the WiFi MAC address for future reference, in case required in the future.

Wifi MAC address can be found under Phone Settings --> About Phone --> Hardware information
IMEI number can be found under Settings --> About Phone --> Phone identity

Step 2 : Backup your phone details (optional, but recommended to take backup ).

Step 3 : Installing required drivers to detect the Phone on your computer.

Step 4 : Download all the required files as below

OUK_P736VV1.0.0B13 (15-Feb-2012) Link is Updated on 21-Mar-2012 with latest official ROM
Download OSFII Unlock Preparation files
Download Unlock Application

Step 5 : Rename the download file from OUK_P736VV1.0.0Bxx-update_signed.zip to update.zip.

Step 6 : Connect your OSFII to your computer via USB and copy update.zip to the root of your SD card (Do not drop it into a folder or this won’t work!).

Step 7 : Extract the OSFII-Preparation_getandroidfree.com.rar  & UnlockOSFII_getandroidfree.com.rar files.  How to extract the rar file.

Step 8 : Enable USB Debugging.

Step 9 : Connect your phone to the computer and wait for 10 sec to computer to identify.

Step 10: Go to “OSFII-Preparation_getandroidfree.com” directory and run the “install-recovery-windows.bat” file. This will take approximately five to 10 min to complete. This should flash stock recovery and reboot the phone. Once the Preparation over, switch off the phone and remove the battery and disconnect the USB Cable.

Step 11: Put the battery back, then press “Power button and volume down key “together and hold until you see “FTM” on your screen.

Step 12: Backup your phone Configuration Using QPST

Note : After the backup, Make sure that the file exists and is non-zero in file size before proceeding.
if not try to take the backup again.

Step 13: Make sure you have closed the QPST application then Go to “UnlockOSFII_getandroidfree.com” folder and run “download.exe” file to launch unlock process.

Step 14: If you are sure you want to unlock press “START”! ” click Start button to unlock your phone ” – This step will take 10 min to complete

Step 15: Restore your phone Configuration Using QPST ( backup which you have taken on before the unlock process )

NOW YOUR PHONE is UNLOCKED, You can put any SIM and use this phone :) .


In case, if your phone is not booting and it is going to menu based mode ( that is CWM ). It means, the ROM comes with phone got wiped during this unlock process, hence you need to proceed the below steps to reinstall the ROM

Step 16: Select “apply sdcard:update.zip” and then press ok button and the next menu list, you can see the file which you copied (update.zip in the step 6), select that file and proceed to install. That’s it the new ROM will install and boot with new ROM.

Please provide your comment, this might help full for others.

06-April-2012 : Post has updated with direct download link.

26-April-2012 : Follow this link to solve the mac address issue after unlock your mobile.

Happy using Android :)

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