Backup the phone Configuration Using QPST 3

QPST is the application to take a entire  phone configuration backup before we proceed any kind of unlock or to install custome ROM. This steps was created based on OSF II and T-Mobile Vivacity Phones During Unlock process.

1. Download & Install required drivers to detect the Phone on your computer. This driver is only for ZTE Crescent model.

2. Download the QPST rar file, then extract & Install QPST Application (steup.exe).

3. Make sure that “FTM” Mode is enabled for your phone.  How to put your phone into FTM ( Refer the “step 10″ on this link )

4. Switch off you phone and Remove the battery and then Put the battery back, then press “Power button and volume down key “together and hold until you see “FTM” on your screen.

5. Connect your phone to the computer and wait for 10 sec to computer to identify.

6. Now, launch “QPST Configuration “application (start Menu -> QPST -> QPST Configuration).

7. Check whether the Server is running or Not, If not running, then start the server by selecting the Server menu. Refer the below image.

8. If the Ports are empty like above image, then you need to add the ports by clicking “Add New Port” Button.

9. Select “USB/QC Diagnostic” from the Available Port List and press OK.

10. Now you can see the Port List as per below screenshot

11. Select “Start Clients” Menu and click the “Software Download” option. This will open a QPST Software Download window.

12. Select “Backup” Tab and Browse the File location where you want to save the configuration backup. And click the “Start” Button to start the backup.

For Restore: Select “Restore” on the utility, then find the “QCN” file you saved and restore it. (Enable “Allow phone /file ESN Mismatch “if required, I enabled for my phone to restore my configuration).

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