How to Fix your MAC address issue ? 17

I have seen few of the ZTE crescent (OSFII & TMV) owners are facing mac address issue after unlock their phone. I have prepared this post to help those owners to fix the mac issue on their own by following below simple steps. This steps are prepared by considering the unlocked steps are followed as per my post for OSFII & TMV SIM unlock methods.

IMPORTANT Notes Before you perform  :

1. Before you begin, make sure you have backed up all files and contacts you need, as they will be lost during this process. Your SD card will not be touched, so any files (photos, music etc) will NOT be lost. Read How to perform a Backup for OSF II Phone.

2. Make sure your battery is fully charged throughout the guide.

3. If you follow this guide carefully, you should not run into any problems. However, there is always a very small chance that you may brick / destroy your phone. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused throughout this guide.

Step 1 :  Enable USB Debugging Mode

Step 2 :  Make a note of your current mac address (Phone Settings –> About Phone –> Hardware information)

Step 3 :  Power off your Phone and restart the phone into CWM mode by holding “Volume Down Key and Power Button” together and hold until you get into  Clockwork Recovery mode  (CWM )

Step 4 : Backup your phone Configuration Using QPST ( Follow the steps 5 from this post to backup the phone configuration )

Note : After the backup, Make sure that the file exists and is non-zero in file size before proceeding. if not try to take the backup again & no need to exit the QPST application as it requires to restore the configuration in the end of this guide.

Step 5 :  Now Download “XVI32 Hex Editor” software from Google and open the .qcn file.

Step 6 :  Using the search function, search the current MAC address which you have noted in the step 2 and click on Find/Search

Step 7 :  Using replace function, replace the wrong mac address with correct hexadecimal mac address which you have noted down before the unlock process.

Step 8 :  Make sure you have replaced all the wrong mac address with correct mac address by repeating the above two steps & save the .qcn file.

Step 9 :  Restore your phone Configuration Using QPST ( Follow the last steps in this post to restore the phone configuration ) with updated .qcn file.

Step 10 : Reboot the Phone and try connect your phone to wifi, it should work.

Happy using Android :)

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