How to Install USB Drivers for any Google Phones 0

Normally, USB Drivers are required for windows system to communicate/connect Nexus S and other Google Phones & Tablets. This driver is required for you to do developing work. By default, windows OS will not come with android USB driver, hence you need to install this driver manually. Many ( even I had the same issue when I try to install the driver at very first time) of the people having trouble to install the windows USB driver for Nexus S and other Google Phones & Tablets.  Hence  I have created this steps to install USB driver.

This steps will work only for the phones from Google such as nexus one, nexus S & so on….  However for the other vendors such as HTC, Samsung, etc… are found from this link & download the USB driver and install it on your Windows PC directly.

Step 1 : Download the driver  ( created on 26th April 2012 from Android Developer Site)

Step 2 : Extract the rar file in your desktop.

Step 3 : Enable USB Debugging Mode

Step 4 : Connect your Phone into your computer.

Step 5 : On your computer, press the Start button and type (or copy and paste) SystemPropertiesHardware.exe into the box, and then press enter (or click SystemPropertiesHardware.exe near the top).

Step 6 : Select Device Manager.

Step 7 : You may see any USB driver with exclamation mark ( or Nexus S with an exclamation mark ), just double-click that device name.

Step 8 : Click the Driver tab & Click Update Driver.

Step 9 :  Select the option “Browse My Computer for driver software ” and proceed further.

Step 10 : Select the folder which you have extracted the USB driver in Step 2 & proceed further.

Step 11 : Now you have installed your USB driver for your Google Phone.  You can access your phone for your developing work.

Happy using android.

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