How to Resolve WI-Fi issue with Android phone 4

I have got the OTA upgrade for my Nexus S to 2.3.6 last week. The OTA upgrade ( ~97MB size)  got downloaded automatically (it did not ask before download starts ) on my 3G data connection. Due to this I have exceed my bandwidth, Now end up with paying more money for this upgrade.  Need to know how to block this kind of OTA upgrade in the future to avoid unwanted data usage.

After the upgrade, everything working fine apart from Wi-Fi connection.  Wi-Fi connection has issue. Whenever I connect, it keeps try to get the IP address from my ADSL modem, but it fails and phone tries to connect again and again. I was not known what went wrong with the upgrade & searched a lot to find the solution for this issue, but no luck. Then I started doing a below try to identify the issue.

1.    Initial, I thought that the problem is with my ADSL modem, but when I connect this modem to my Laptop, it works fine. So Found that the Wi-Fi is not working with my phone after the upgrade.

2.    Assigned the static IP for my phone, but still the same issue. How to assign Static IP.

3.    Though to check with my friend’s Wi-Fi connection. Checked with five of my friends and my phone was worked fine with all of their Wi-Fi connection. Now I realized that there is no issue with my phone and it could be some configuration mismatch issue. So I decided to change the configuration on my modem to check the connectivity.

Below are the configuration which I changed on my ADSL model & Wi-Fi started working for my nexus S. ( around three hours of time spent with my modem, all involved many restart/ disconnection / sometime used physical cable to connection the modem to correct the configuration )

I have BELKIN ADSL Modem.

Once you login to your ADSL modem / router,

1. go to Channel & SSID under wireless option
2. update Wireless channel to 4 ( if you have auto, then change it to static & assign the channel number to 4, this will differ based on your model )

3.  Go to Security and select the below options
Security Mode as “WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK)
Authentication as WPA-PSK
Encryption Technique as TKIP ( it is default )
Pre-Shared Key (PSK) — ” as your Secure password “

I do not know why this issue happened. But the good news is Wi-Fi started working on my Nexus S phone. I have seen many of the android phone has similar kind of issue reported in many of the forum. Some recommended to modify some of the file  inside the phone (it requires rooting ). I am not interested to do that approach. Updating your modem / router configuration will not impact your phone in anyways and this will not take more than a min to check the configuration.  You can try changing the modem / router configuration to fix the similar kind of Wi-Fi issue.

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