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Flipboard is developed & launched for iOS for Apple products. This is like a digital magazine application, which combines all of your Facebook, Twitter, website news, articles, photos and more into one live feed for simple browsing from one dedicated place. Now this Apps is launched for Android Phones.  Unfortunately it available only for Samsung Galaxy SIII was announced at SIII launch. Which means, you have to buy a Galaxy S III to get use of this application.  Thankfully, one of the XDA user has managed to extract the application file ( .apk) from the device & upload it to XDA forum. 

Now, in this post, I am going to share the steps involved to install Flipboard on your android device and how to activate. And don’t worry, it’s not malware, GSMArena tested it around the GSMArena office and it works fine.

Before You Begin :

1. Download the Flipboard.apk   file
2. Copy Flipboard.apk  to your Android Mobile SD Card
3. Make sure you’ve enabled Untrusted sources from Settings

For Android 2.x go to Setting -> Applications -> Enable Unknown Sources
For ICS go to Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources

Now will Start the Installation :

Step 1 :  Use Native File Manager  or  ASTRO Application to navigate to the folder which you have the file “Filpboard.apk”

Step 2 :  Select the file by touching the file “Filpboard.apk” , it will pop up Application File Window

Step 3 :  Select Install option to install the Filpboard application.

Thatz it, the app is installed. Now we have to create an account on Flipboard.

Step 4 : Launch the application.

Step 5 : Ignore the account information part at first.

Step 6 : Click the little Red Ribbon in the top right hand corner.

Step 7 : Then Press Accounts.

Step 8 : Now, You will get an option to create the account.

Step 9 : Go and create your account.

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Happy using Android.

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