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10 reasons make vegetables the most important #component_of_diet

10 reasons make vegetables the most important #component_of_diet

The diet that a person follows has an effect on his body, health and daily activity. Therefore, one of us must make sure that our diet contains all the integrated elements that our body lacks and which it needs to live a healthy and healthy life.

Therefore, we must all appreciate the value of vegetables for the benefit they result in our health, as it should be root, not rooted in our daily diet.

We must eat the largest amount of vegetables throughout the day as a basis, not optional, to ensure body protection and good health.

Why are vegetables important to us? And why should we eat vegetables continuously?

1- Vegetables have countless benefits.

Vegetables are good for us in general in nature, they are used to benefit the human being, his body and his needs, so it is full of more than we expect than we need, as it provides us with everything in it with everything we need and more according to what each element has in it.

And because vegetables are soil, trees, water and light, they possess most of the elements of nature, so they provide us with more benefits than we think are a wealth of benefits for humans.

2- Eating vegetables helps to feel full, lose weight and maintain it.

The more vegetables you eat throughout the day, the more the body is able to burn the extra weight, the higher the percentage, the more you maintain the ideal weight and aid in muscle growth, so the physical collar increases because of the vegetable’s containment of a large proportion of water and fiber.

As you can fill the stomach with vegetables because they contain low calories and the fibers are soluble, so they keep the body for a longer period of energy without feeling hungry, which prevents eating high-calorie meals that cause obesity throughout the day.

So vegetables can achieve your goals of losing weight and maintain it, as it reduces the secretion of hunger hormones, so it can blow up belly fat and thus help the appearance of body muscles and their formation again with their fiber, potassium and iron.

3- Eating vegetables gives more energy and vitality to the body and preserves it for a longer period.

Vegetables, with their vitamins, minerals and fibers, give us great energy, as by what these elements do in terms of body functions, they enhance the stimulating feeling of the person by reducing fatigue and fatigue and renewing consumed cells so the body feels more energy and for a longer period.

For example, apples contain flavonoids that help fight stress and inflammation throughout the body.

Vegetables in general obviate the resort to coffee, sugary drinks and stimulants that negatively affect the human body, as it is a natural energy provider such as bananas, avocados, apples, strawberries and many other types of vegetables because of their potassium, minerals, vitamins, folic acids and antioxidants.

4- The ability of vegetables to promote brain health, stimulate happiness hormones, and help you sleep better.

Many vegetables have antioxidant qualities that protect against the hot roots found everywhere around us with the air.

Such as avocados and spinach because these spicy carrots have many types of negative effects on health, mind and skin, so these antioxidant vegetables are based on those bad parts

And because what we eat from fast food, fat and sugar, it reduces the mood of the brain and causes obesity, fatigue and fatigue, resulting in a lack of motivation, and therefore negative thinking comes.

Here lies the very important role of vegetables, as dopamine in vegetables boosts the happiness hormones, especially found in green leafy vegetables and eggplant.

It also works to enhance sleep rhythms, treating insomnia problems such as red vegetables that contain lycopene such as oranges, sweet peppers and tomatoes, so it is recommended to eat them before bed.

5- Eating vegetables reduces the risk of diseases and health problems and strengthens immunity.

Eating vegetables gives the body many of the elements it needs that help in fighting diseases by extending the immunity. What you need to be strengthened when stressed with vegetables are integrated elements that complement what the body lacks of vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals.

Consequently, it will be difficult for diseases to confront a strong immune system, thus reducing the rate of disease in the body, and taking them helps to create healthy health facing any disease and reduce the likelihood of depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, diabetes, or stroke.

6- Eating more vegetables means more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

It is always recommended that vegetables be about a third of the food that we eat daily, with variety.

Where there is a large collection of countless elements.

Such as vitamin A, which preserves the skin and strengthens the immune and visual system.

And vitamin G, which keeps the body tissues healthy and good.

And folic, which maintains healthy and good blood normalcy.

And potassium, which keeps blood pressure healthy and helps the nervous system function well.

And the fiber that maintains the nature of the intestine.

Such as strawberries, rich in minerals, vitamin C, folic acid, and bananas rich in fiber and potassium.

7- Eating #vegetables promotes eye #health and preserves eyesight.

Orange fruits and #vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots and melons, are rich in beta-carotene and any of the types of vitamin A that help to strengthen the night vision, as it strengthens the eye, forms a general, and helps it to work stronger and better.

In addition to citrus fruits, they provide the body with vitamin C, which helps in good vision.

8- Eating vegetables maintains the #health of the skin and promotes its freshness.

We also used to use #vegetables to improve the health of the skin, which gives it freshness and more radiance.

Like spinach, which has been observed to affect the color of the entire skin over time.

Eating them a lot directly affects the condition of the skin, making it more attractive, maintaining a clear complexion, and strengthening it against harmful external influences through antioxidants present in vegetables and fruits.

9 - Eating #vegetables is very important during pregnancy.

Eating #vegetables that contain folic acid helps the body make very necessary red blood cells during pregnancy.

It also helps reduce the possibility of spina bifida, brainlessness in the fetus, and tube defects

It is recommended to eat vegetables rich in folic acid during this period.

Like broccoli, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, and all leafy greens.

10 - It is good to eat #vegetables, as they are easy to digest.

The body needs 30 hours to break down and break up food and benefit from it.

And the containment of #vegetables on many fibers benefits the digestive system and helps it to make the digestion process easy, fast and smooth, while many foods impede the work of the digestive system and slow it down, so it is advised to eat a lot of vegetables to keep the functions of all members of the body healthy and natural .

Fresh, canned or dried #vegetables are all nutritious, as well as being convenient, quick and easy, and they are also an integrated diet.

It is low in fat, low in calories, has no cholesterol, and protects the body from many diseases, including cancer, and strengthens the body and its immunity.

So it is advised to eat a #lot_of_vegetables.

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