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The diet consists of 4 types of healthy food to benefit the body

The diet consists of 4 types of healthy food to benefit the body

There are many tips for healthy eating that are not related to those who can follow a strict diet or deprive themselves more but rather it is related to eating food that strengthens the human body and energy and gives the body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy by eating basic food such as vegetables, fruits grains and all kinds of dairy as it builds the human body And give him energy to exercise his   daily life

:Fruits are good for health

Eating fruits regularly may enhance human health and with that not all of them are equal in terms of
 the benefit they give to humans some of them provide many benefits and others have few benefits

Calanas: It is among all tropical fruits with one cup of it provides 131% of manganese and 76% of vitamin C and bromelain which is anti-inflammatory and digestion of protein according to studies and research it reduces cancer and prevents the growth of tumors

Avocado: It is the least fruit containing carbohydrates as most fruits contain a lot of them and carbohydrates are those healthy fats, and it is also rich in potassium fiber and magnesium which promotes health

There is also apples: it is the most popular fruit that enhances the human body incredibly it contains a large amount of fiber vitamin C vitamin K and potassium and it also contains pectin that nourishes good bacteria in the stomach to aid digestion it nourishes the heart and reduces the loss of diabetes cancers and Alzheimer's disease

There are also blueberries grapefruit pomegranates mangoes cranberries oranges bananas guava and many other health-promoting fruits that nourish the body and cicada

 :Vegetables and their health benefits

Broccoli: It is the most terribly useful vegetable for the body  such as kale and cauliflower  in it twice the required amount of vitamin C and contains vitamin K, and eating many of these vegetables reduces the risk of cancer as sulfora vitamin reduces the size and number of breast cancer cells and prevents the tumor tiger.
And spinach: It is a great source of potassium vitamins, iron  vitamin K and C magnesium  folate 
calcium and antioxidant, it is a great addition to any diet free of meat and dairy as a complete meal.

And carrots also: it contains 4 times the required amount of vitamin A for an adult One cup of it per day is sufficient to enhance visual strength and helps prevent vision loss and has cancer-fighting properties as well

There are also nutritious greens fermented vegetables, beets, potatoes sweet potatoes peas kale garlic onions and paprika
Eating vegetables on a regular and varied daily basis provides the body with all the elements it needs
prevents it from contracting many diseases 
 strengthens the body against it and strengthens its  immunity

 :Whole grains and their health benefits

Whole grains are plant seeds that resemble grasses called grains and are like wheat, corn and rice.
It is beneficial to the body as it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity risk type 5 and 2 diabetes, supports faster digestion reduces chronic inflammation disrupts the risk of cancer and helps reduce the risk of early death.
But in some cases it is not suitable for everyone as it is not suitable for patients with digestive disorders and allergies to gluten such as wheat, barley and rye, and also for owners of Irritable Bowel Syndrome such as wheat because of the presence of many carbohydrates in it
Since the goal is to enhance the diet that we follow and to improve health and longevity, we must bear in mind adding whole grains to our daily diet

 :Dairy products and their health benefits

Milk is packed with food in an impressive way as it is designed to nourish newborns and it has several traps such as cows buffaloes camels the mother mother's breast milk and other sources and it picks up a lot of images that are formed by it such as yogurt cream known and unknown cheeses and many other types.
What is really impressive is that it nourishes the body in a great way and gives it many of the elements that the body needs as one cup of cow's milk contains calories protein, calcium, vitamin B2, B12, potassium phosphorus and selenium
It is rich in many minerals and vitamins, and it is also a good source of high-quality protein and is very beneficial for the bones due to the abundance of calcium, phosphorous potassium proteins and vitamins which keeps the bones from fragility and speeds up their fractures and it also helps to prevent weight gain and maintain its strength
But despite his great benefit this may be an invalid choice for some people as they cannot digest it because of the lactose in it, which is a sugar found in dairy products.

Despite this milk and all its products enhance the health of the body provide it with many benefits and give it what it needs from the elements so it should be an essential component of our daily diet.

Because all that we ask to live our daily life in a correct way is a healthy body and good health to follow our daily activities we must take care of our health and our bodies by paying attention to food and sports by establishing a sound diet and a good sports schedule and everything that provides the body with energy and strength to live a good, active and disease-free life

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