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10 tips to lose 25 kilos in a short period in a healthy way

10 tips to lose 25 kilos in a short period in a healthy way

There are many people suffering from overweight, and there are many health and psychological problems that result from that increase, and these people cannot practice their normal life because of the many obstacles and situations that stand in their way and they are looking for many solutions to lose that extra weight, but they fail and are looking for products, some of which leave Side effects are not good for the body and others fail to lose that weight, so apart from these products there are some tips that can help you to lose your weight in a natural and healthy way without side effects.

1- To lose more weight, reduce your intake of sugars.

Not to eat sugars, starches and fruits after sunset because the body at this time does not burn food, but rather turns it into fat.

2- Not to eat foods that do not help in losing weight.

By reducing the intake of sugary drinks and sugars in general, and meals that contain white flour, by eating them, the body takes fats for two full hours, so it is advised to take a cup of hot water with a small spoon of white honey and have half a squeezed lemon or a spoonful of apple cider vinegar instead of half a lemon at the beginning of the day, this drink helps Doing burning throughout the day.

3- Calculating calories for weight loss.

Eat small quantities of meals throughout the day, not exceeding 200 calories in order to preserve blood sugar levels, and the meal is of one type because mixing with it causes digestion difficulty.

4- The importance of water to lose weight.

Water is very important as an element that complements the elements of the body, and by eating a lot of water throughout the day, it helps in prolonging the feeling of satiety and stimulates the body's organs and stimulates them to work and cleans the polluted organs and has many benefits for the body.

5- Protein for weight loss.

Eat different forms of protein throughout the day, as it promotes a feeling of satiety and helps burn fat without overloading it.

6- Consult a doctor before going to lose weight.

The doctor must be consulted before starting the diet, and the thyroid gland must also be examined, because it can follow good foods for the diet and help a lot in losing weight, but it does not help a certain person or give him an adverse effect and cause him fatigue and swelling due to his sensitivity to it or increase his obesity because it does not suit the functions of the body, so the doctor Determining what suits the body and what does not fit it.

7- Not eating before bed to lose weight.

3 hours before bedtime, eat lean proteins, such as yogurt, because the main slimming hormone works during sleep, and avoid eating completely before bed, which increases obesity problems.

8- Not all fats are not a trigger for weight loss.

There are healthy fats, and eating beneficial fats and preventing harmful fats within the permitted calorie content stimulates burning more.

9- Soup and salad are very important for weight loss.

Eating soup and salad as an essential ingredient in the meal automatically helps to reduce the amount eaten from the main dish, taking into account that the soup and salad are free of carbohydrates and low in fat.

10- The most important advice.

  Every 3 days, allocate very small quantities of eating and more in it of low-fat soup and salad and more than drinking water. One day every week can be staked as a day of rest from this system, provided that you do not overeat and make it balanced.

Another advice: Do not use external products or any medications. It is preferable to drink lemon tea with diet sugar after eating each meal, as this helps to burn.



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