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Are your thoughts about your body preventing you from succeeding and how do you think positively about it and lose weight?


Are your thoughts about your body preventing you from succeeding and how do you think positively about it and lose weight?

Deeply ingrained negative thoughts make us struggle with any attempt to lose weight or improve health, our past failures can always be traced back. For negative thoughts we didn't even realize.

Most of our negative thinking comes when we write things on paper (or on the computer).

I challenge you to write 10 brief descriptions of what your body would look like in 30 days if you were trained by someone like me - someone who knows exactly how to change the human body bno matter what stage of game you are currently in.

Take a moment and write how your face will look, what your arms will look like, what your legs and butt will look like - will your skin look different, will your muscles be tight, will you be leaner - detail everything, then go back straight.

Did you do it?

Make your list now I want you to get rid of some deep knowledge about yourself when you finish reading this article.

Well now that you have your list, let me show you something that you can use to judge whether you've caused yourself to fail in your attempts to lose weight and keep it off.

Here are some examples of phrases my dear friend used to have before we started working together - phrases that were literally preventing him from achieving success:

More sculpted facial features, no double chins, no jagged cheeks or puffy cheeks, no under-eye bags.

Other than improving my face shape, I have absolutely no complaints about my face, hair, eyes, nose, and ears.

A neck without a double chin or

Breast without gynecomastia (female breasts), muscular instead. Look, mama, I can see my chest and chest muscles instead of a soft siphon mattress.

Strong arms curves instead of soft breadsticks. Seeing veins and muscles instead of smooth fats.

Belly - Are There Stomach Muscles Hiding In There? They never showed up in 50 years! It would be nice to have a narrow waist that is not uncomfortably cut by underwear that is too narrow.

Less conical legs, more elongated and stiffer. Although my calves have always been large and fairly steady - the best part of my body, right next to my mind.

Buttocks - less slouching, bigger shape

- Hair can be much less, it would be nice to see a "V" shape instead of the cut pyramid.

Can you figure out why he's had some trouble in the past in order to reach his goal?

But I'll let you in with a little secret - this guy is doing well now and enjoying life more than ever, and he's happy to talk to him every week on our training calls.

What would my body look like

You think about a thousand thoughts every day. You talk to yourself more than anyone else. You are your advisor and most trusted advisor. Many of the conversations you have with yourself will never share with anyone else because doing so will reveal the "real" you. You are full of doubt, worry, sadness, guilt, harm and disappointments.

But this is not "you are real" at all. This is you that your ego and belief systems have built up. You are building these negative beliefs, and you accept them as truth. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Where did these misconceptions about you originate? They came mostly from others; Parents, teachers, co-workers, friends and the environment around you. They may have planted the seed by saying something like "She's fat" and these comments have polished so much that they become your reality.

You allow some vague comments that came out years ago to control your entire life. Nobody has the right or power to dictate who you are. Only you know who you really are and what is in your heart.

When I was born I entered this world without the burdens of my current negative belief system. You have entered this world as a beautiful bundle of joy full of unlimited possibilities and possibilities.

I'm here to tell you that you haven't changed. You are and always will be a beautiful bundle of joy with unlimited possibilities.

The only difference is what you pay attention to. Let me ask you a question. If you stopped all the negative conversations you are currently having with yourself like;

- I'm so fat

Why would anyone want to love me

I will never be skinny

- I always fail

And the list could go on ... How would you feel? Do you think you will feel emotional lightness? Do you think you will feel happier? Do you think you will feel more confident?

Now how do you think your life would change if you went a step further and modified your self-talk by only positively talking about yourself. If you take some time and focus on what you love about yourself and only focus on your emotional state becoming so positive that you will be able to accomplish anything.

Once you start looking for positive things inside of you, you will be amazed to realize that your splendor has always been below the surface. It was never anything but that bright bundle of joy that entered the world for years. It's easy to uncover the positive aspects of yourself by asking a few questions.

What am I good at?

Who benefited from my presence in the world?

- Who am I, what is in my heart that only I know?

What do I like about my body?

Your goal is to feel good now. How are you feeling now? If you only notice what feels positive about you, you will feel good, and you will be happy. Decide on the here and now how you want to feel. Decide that you will always look for the good within you and appreciate that good.

So what does all this have to do with losing weight? everything!!! Your emotional state is the control valve that determines what you are attracted to in your experience. How to talk to yourself creates your unconscious beliefs and programs. So you have to ask yourself do you want your unconscious beliefs and programs to be based on false negative thinking. Or do you want your beliefs to be based on the fact that you were and are an idealized being.

Start loving and caring for yourself today. Allow the joy, fun, and excitement you naturally had as a child begins to flow into your daily experiences. Allow yourself to celebrate every success, no matter how small. Love and appreciate yourself for every opportunity you have. Do this every day and watch your weight start to dissolve just as your old negative beliefs about yourself start to fade.

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