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How to avoid weight gain during long vacation and vacations And 5 habits you should avoid during holidays

How to avoid weight gain during long vacation and vacations And 5 habits you should avoid during holidays

On holidays it is a time to rejoice. Unfortunately, the average person does a lot of celebration during this time of year, which leads to an extra burden of indulging in extra aid, snacking on seasonal desserts and little or no exercise time and the usual movement may decrease at this time. Also.

Although this time of year may bring additional stresses and challenges, there are ways to achieve balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although it can sometimes seem impossible to go beyond the traditional foods of the season, there are many ways to join in the fun without getting your pants on. Celebrations are not to be discarded or avoided. You can have a great time maintaining your weight and fitness regime.

Moderation is the word of the season. It's the secret to a fun and healthy vacation time, too. By taking a moderate approach to both what you eat (or not eat) and how much you exercise (or don't), you can avoid weight gain and also participate in all the fun this time of year.

There are wrong habits we have on the holidays.

1- Staying awake.

One of the wrong practices that most people are accustomed to committing on vacation days, which puts them at risk of health problems such as obesity, as with staying up for long hours, a person feels very hungry, which causes eating large amounts of food and thus gaining weight.
Staying up late also increases the risk of developing sleep disorders, perhaps the most prominent of which is insomnia, and with a lack of sleep, a person feels weak and exhausted, as well as loses the ability to focus and attention, and throughout the day he suffers from headaches and mood swings.

2- Waking up late.

According to Everyday Health, some studies have shown that people who wake up late on vacation days are more likely to have strokes.
Sleeping more than 9 hours a day increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and a Chinese study confirmed that sleeping for long hours increases the risk of infections and strokes.

3- Skipping breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the meals that are of great importance to a person, because it provides the body with the energy needed to perform daily tasks, and with staying up late and sleeping for long hours, some people are forced to skip it, which causes a feeling of lethargy and laziness for the rest of the day.
In addition to the inability to concentrate and pay attention, and it may lead to anemia if this habit is maintained for a long time.

4- Eat fatty foods.

Skipping breakfast leads some people to compensate for it by eating large amounts of fatty foods at lunch and dinner, which leads to digestive disorders, such as indigestion, constipation, and bloating, because the stomach does not prepare by eating soup in the beginning, which makes it take a long time in The process of digesting food.

5- Stay at home.

Some people feel lethargic during vacation days, so they do not go out of the house, and prefer to stay in front of TV screens, laptops and mobile phones for long hours, which leads to weight gain, as a result of eating large quantities of food without making any physical effort to burn its calories.
And it is not just weight gain, as looking at the mobile phone screen to browse social media for long hours can cause physical damage to the eyes, including poor eyesight, so you should not look at computer and phone screens for more than 20 minutes.

Tips must be followed holidays.

 -Make sure to fall asleep and wake up early.
Eat breakfast on time, as it provides the body with the energy needed to carry out daily activities and vital functions.
- Take into account to reduce fatty foods at lunch, and refrain from eating them at dinner, to avoid injury by one tenth of digestion.
- Persistent exercise, to stimulate blood circulation in the body, and to prevent gaining excess weight.
- Try not to strain your eyes by browsing social networking sites or staying in front of TV screens for long hours. Rather, you should fill your free time with other activities, such as hiking with friends, going to the club, reading, writing.
 Vacation is not always comfortable ... and it may befall you for several reasons, so do not allow it.


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