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How to follow a diet for teenagers 5

How to follow a diet for teenagers 5

 With the spread of fast food, we have increased obesity problems, especially among adolescents, as they have the highest rates of toxicity for their preference for fast food over eating vegetable and useful food, in addition to the presence of the low-energy community that we have, which made many parents fear for their children and keep them inside the house they thought that this is more Safe for them, and this method is more dangerous and harmful for them, as the problems of the most urgent, personal formation and education increase, which need to deal with everything new and participate in community activities and deal with others in the society in which they live.
There are many solutions to these problems by avoiding them completely to make our children more active and able to deal more and give them health and fitness by choosing their meals for a proper diet.
And keep them away from phones, computers, TV, and video games that consume all of their day without movement and take any activity and urge them to do some physical activities instead.

A teenager takes his daily or life habits by example, even if he does not admit it.

Therefore, family customs are very important in a teenager's life and help very much in many things
So let you, as a family, take a lot of active trips, such as going on mountaineering trips, rock walls, cycling, horseback riding, camping, and walking for periods as a family, and any trips to learn sports, even if it is little moving, it will be better than sitting in front of video games or TV.

Get your teenager to join a sports team for entertainment.

Even if he is without talents, he can play in some non-competitive leagues, and the family can go out on family trips and play football, which is very fun as families and a new opportunity for teenage activity.

Garden work is a good way to get your teenager active.

The goal here is to burn more calories for that teenager
Find what is most enjoyable for your son and make him take care of it, and do the activities that allow him the time in which he does not consume calories as well, and this is something worth researching.

Encourage your teen to eat healthy foods.

Encourage him to drink plenty of water daily instead of processed juices and soft drinks.
Get rid of fast food and prepared outside and include as many healthy foods and #vegetables in his diet.
Get them to help adults prepare home food, which makes them more complete by knowing what they put in their mouths and giving them movement and activity.

Pay attention to the details of a teenager's life.

Make them useful details that are good for his #health and life, and gradually reduce his friction from his habits that harm him as much as possible and ignorance of positive and healthy activities for his body, add to his life of pleasure, vitality, sports and stimulate him to life positively and give him a lot of positive energy.

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