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What are the top 10 foods that strengthen immunity and help prevent and expel diseases

 What are the top 10 foods that strengthen immunity and help prevent and expel diseasesء 

The immune system has a fundamental, important and pivotal role in protecting the human being by avoiding and reducing the susceptibility and likelihood of infection with various diseases, in terms of risk from colds and influenza to the most dangerous and deadly diseases such as cancer and its various types and other types of infections.

And because strengthening the immune system naturally requires nothing but regularity in eating the types of foods and nutrients that have protective properties and contain vitamins, minerals and zinc,

1- Honey bees:

It is one of the best natural food sources that boost the body's immunity and protect it from diseases. Where experts say that adding a tablespoon of honey to a cup of hot water and eating it daily every morning is sufficient to increase immunity and strengthen the immune system in it in the long term.

2- Dates:

It is characterized by many benefits, including: delaying the manifestations of aging, calming nerves and resisting anxiety, and is considered a diuretic and works to clean the liver and stimulate blood circulation, and because it contains many important vitamins and minerals, it works to strengthen the immune system in the body.

3- olive oil:

It is very important because it contains omega-3 acids, which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, and also works to strengthen the efficiency of beneficial cholesterol that benefits the body in getting rid of harmful cholesterol. Olive oil is also full of iron elements that strengthen the body, and it is anti-bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses It also helps the body reduce sugar in the body, blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

4- Herbs:

Such as black bean, which is recommended to be crushed and added to honey or taken with tea or warm water to combat coughing. In addition to ginger and thyme because of their anti-bacterial and anti-virus effect, in addition to their calming effect on the nerves, which increases the immune strength of the body.

5- Whole grains:

 Because they contain fibers necessary for the health of the digestive system and intestines, and because they contain many vitamins and minerals, which help in strengthening immunity and resistance to diseases.

6- Fresh vegetables and fruits:

 And which contains antioxidants, which helps improve the efficiency of the immune system in fighting dangerous diseases such as cancer and other immune deficiency diseases, and natural elements such as Beta-carotene and Filafinoeidat flavonoids. Among the most important types of vegetables recommended for strengthening immunity are carrots, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, red and yellow onions, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes and avocados. While red grapes, apples, berries, strawberries, pomegranates, oranges, watermelons are resistant to cancer.

7- Natural spices and oriental spices:

It has an effective role in strengthening the body’s immunity in fighting diseases such as: cumin, turmeric, cloves, black pepper and sea salt, in addition to the effect of natural organic apple cider vinegar and lemon in strengthening immunity.

8- Fish and fish oil:

It contains a distinctive type of fatty acid called Omega-3, which is useful for strengthening white blood cells, which strengthens the immune system and helps protect against inflammation and rheumatism, as this substance is very important for the formation of the eyes and brain of newborns. Fish liver oil helps redistribute the fat stored in the abdominal area, which can lead to heart disease.


Soybeans contain water-soluble chemicals (Isoflavones), which are part of the family (Flavonoids) that give vegetables, fruits and flowers their color, and are powerful antioxidants.

The soluble fibers present in soybeans help reduce blood lipids, regulate glucose levels, purify the kidneys, control sugar levels in people who suffer from it, and protect against kidney disease, and fight breast cancer.


It contains a high percentage of calcium and phosphorous, which are important for healthy bones and teeth, and it also contains vitamin B2, which is important for obtaining energy from food, and B12, which is important for the health of the nervous system, and the bacteria in yogurt help to restore balance, and yogurt helps to reduce cholesterol, and do not forget that it is resistant. And it protects against colon cancer

In addition to tuna, turnips, red pepper, sweet potatoes, mangoes, oysters, almonds and focados, they are all rich in vitamins and natural substances that help strengthen immunity and help the body to expel and fight diseases.

And because prevention is better than treatment, we must take care of our days and our health and organize our daily meals to avoid any possibility of contracting any potentially dangerous diseases.
























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