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How to plan and support a diet 6

 How to plan and support  a diet 6

First, you have to create a plan with strong goals.

1-Set long-term goals. People adopt different diets and patterns of nutrition, each according to their own reasons and goals. Knowing your long-term goals helps you choose the nutritional plan that meets those goals. Your goal might be any of the following possibilities:

Weight loss.

Control of high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Increase the level of fitness.

Preserving the environment.

Support your general health.

2-Remember your past experiences with feeding regimens. If you have previously tried implementing a specific diet, try to remember how your experience was with this diet; How were you affected by it? What did you love or not love about him? And did you feel that it was a suitable system for your lifestyle or not?

For example, if you previously tried to follow a vegetarian diet, but missed eating meat, or if you tried a low-carb diet, but you felt tired and tired throughout the day, then if your experience was difficult with the diet Which you have followed before, it may be better to consider new options that suit you more.

Not only does sticking to a diet require strong willpower, it also needs a long-term plan that you can stick to.

3-Budget for a diet. Each diet or diet requires a certain cost. You may need to purchase food ingredients, protein extracts, or vitamin and mineral supplements, but it is also possible that the chosen diet does not require additional spending.

Choose a diet that fits your budget to avoid discontinuing the diet due to its high cost.

Try to take advantage of offers and discounts whenever possible, which helps you save money, especially with some popular diet regimens.

4-Design a plan that fits your lifestyle. Some diets require you to prepare all your meals and snacks in between in advance and from scratch, others rely entirely on online recipes, and some rely on group or individual interviews with others. Think about the suitability of the diet regimen that you want to follow for your lifestyle, and think about the change that may require in order to succeed in helping you achieve your goal. If the diet that you want to follow requires big changes in your lifestyle, it will be difficult for you to stick Doing for a long time.

Some diet regimes require you to cook your own food and others do not. If cooking is not an activity you usually like, try choosing a diet that relies on ready-made products, such as: protein extracts or ready-to-eat meals.

Take into account your social life in turn, so if you like to go out and eat in restaurants or like to accompany your friends to eat outside the home from time to time, then you should choose a flexible diet that ensures you enjoy these activities, even from time to time, and not stop them completely.

Take into account your potential allergies to certain foods, as well as religious or cultural considerations that may prevent you from eating certain foods, as some types of diets are very general and do not take into account defining those details accurately.

5-Get involved in exercising. It is important that any healthy lifestyle includes exercise; Try to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your program every week, which are exercises that help you lose weight and maintain your target weight for a long time.

Exercise also helps improve mood and sleep habits, better control of blood pressure and sugar level in diabetics, and stimulates blood circulation. 

If you are a beginner to exercise, talk to a professional or trainer at the gym, seeking help in setting up an exercise program that suits your needs.

Find beginner groups like you in the gym and start exercising with them, it would be great to work out with a group of the same level.

6-Talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor about your current health condition and any medical problems you suffer from or medications you are taking, and the doctor may help you choose the appropriate diet or nutrition pattern for you and your health, and he is also supposed to advise you to avoid some types of nutritional programs.

Many doctors provide patients with nutrition and diet programs, and this also includes constant monitoring and weight monitoring.

Your doctor may refer you to a fellow nutritionist, who can help you design a suitable nutrition program.

The doctor also provides the necessary advice and advice while working to lose weight in a medical way, and he can prescribe medicine for you to reduce your appetite, and thus help you stick to the diet that you set for yourself. Just know that some medicines are not suitable for everyone, so you should check with your doctor first before using any of them

Try a balanced diet. These types of diets depend on focusing on all food groups, and not only on some types, and although this diet requires control in the rate of caloric intake, it includes all types of food, including protein, dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, This makes it an easy and simple diet, in addition to being safe for most people.

The Weight Watchers diet is a popular diet that encourages participants to enjoy all kinds of food. It also teaches participants to control the amount of food for each meal, choose healthy foods and teach you how to increase your nutritional awareness, [3] and it also provides support. Live online, or group support.

The Mediterranean diet is heart-friendly. This diet contains foods from all food groups, but it focuses specifically on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and it encourages the intake of omega-3 fats found in olive oil, avocados and cold-water fish, such as: salmon and mackerel. 

The DASH diet is a balanced diet designed to help people suffering from high blood pressure without resorting to medication. This diet encourages reducing sodium intake and increasing the intake of animal protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. This diet strongly urges to reduce Eat processed foods and refined sugars


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